• MARCH 29-APRIL 1, 2018

2016 Easter Swing Ticket Tournament

Once Again our Easter Swing Ticket Tournament and Kickoff Event was awesome and a great, fun evening! We were glad to see so many people come from all over for the chance to dance and win some great prizes!

To view pictures from the event, click here.

2016 Ticket Tourney Winners Congratulations!
1st Place: Allen Ulbricht & Angela Baker (winning Easter Ticket AND hotel night each)
2nd Place: Joshua Messina & Emma Sackett (winning $50 each)
3rd Place: Dave Buchthal & Kylie Brusco (winning $40 each)
4th Place: Max Libbrecht & Rosiee Thormahlen (winning $30 each)
5th Place: David Hemmerich & Kate Garboden (winning $20 each)


Click here to Watch Video of Finals
Watch Semi-Finals Video
Watch Prelims Video

Also Winning Easter Swing Tickets:
Easter Swing Ticket Tournament non-competitors: Chris Joul & Aaron Farance
Easter Swing Ticket Tournament competitors: Kylie Brusco & Jamelyn Kyser

Winning an Easter Swing Workshop Pass:
Karin Borgerson