• MARCH 29-APRIL 1, 2018

Private Lesson Info for Instructors

One of the highest rated features at Easter Swing is the Private Lesson Program.

Through this program, students have the option to coordinate their private lessons through our private lesson desk. We assist students in identifying an instructor at the event that fits their needs and then put them in touch with the instructor who then completes scheduling.

We are happy to include any visiting instructors even if they are not on staff!

Benefits of the Private Lesson Program

  • Students who wouldn’t normally approach you for a private will have an opportunity to work with you (yes, many either feel intimidated or get frustrated by having to track one of you down to get a lesson).
  • Semi-private designated lesson spaces.
  • Reduced interruption to schedule private lessons during your workshop or free time.

To be added to the program, please contact the Private Lesson Desk Coordinator, Amanda Flores at privatelessons@easterswing.org.


  • It is highly recommended that you contact the Private Lesson Desk Coordinator to notify us you are available for privates and to provide your contact information/preferences.
  • Instructors complete the scheduling of their own private lessons.
  • Instructors must provide their own music and sound during private lessons.
  • Instructors must be able to accept payment directly for private lessons.
  • The Easter Swing venue, Hyatt Regency, does not permit lessons in the hallways, lobby or public areas. Please use the designated lesson spaces.

Thank you for offering your one-on-one instruction to the attendees at Easter Swing!