Diego Borges & Jessica Pacheco

Diego Borges and Jessica Pacheco

To book a private lesson with Diego or Jessica while at Easter Swing, contact them via their website, or at: +55 85 988924431.

Diego and Jessica live in Fortaleza, Brazil. Diego has a degree in Physical Education and a Graduate Degree in Dance Teaching Methodology. Jessica has a degree in Accounting. Passion for dance has inspired the strong partnership between Diego and Jessica, and has been spreading West Coast Swing in Brazil and around the world since 2009, when they began to put all its charm to its first steps in the WCS.

As a couple they have won multiple titles in Strictly Swing, Jack & Jill and, Showcase and they currently hold 2nd place for the second time at the 2016 The Open Swing Dance Championships and 1st place at the 2016 Mid Atlantic Dance Jam (MadJam), 2016 Chicago Classic Dance Championships, 2016
Grand National Dance Championships over 2016 Tampa Bay Classic over the Showcase category.

Diego and Jessica have also been putting a lot of effort into developing and spreading Zouk, one of the most widespread dances in Brazil which has been growing. Today they travel through Europe, America, Asia, and Brazil to teach, perform, judge, and compete annually in many events around the

Since 2014, the couple have been promoting The Brazilian Open Championships, the main West Coast Swing event in Brazil (joined in the World Swing Dance Council), and are the creators of the West Coast Swing Day free event with the goal to spread WCS in Brazil and worldwide.

Jessica’s accomplishments include: She won 1st place in the Strictly Champions category at the 2017 US Open Swing competing with Kyle Redd.

Diego’s accomplishments include: In 2011, he was nominated for the award for best foreign WCS Dancer (USA) and joined the team of choreographers and teachers on “Dance with Stars – Brazilian version”, in the Domingão Faustão program. Diego also competed alongside Kellese Key, winning 5th
place in the Classic category at the 2014 US Open Swing.