Soleman Krebs & Angei Kostoff

Soleman Krebs & Angei Kostoff

To book a private lesson with Soleman or Angei while at Easter Swing, contact them via email, or at: 815-661-0192.

Soleman Krebs has been dancing most of his life starting at the age of 4 when his mom enrolled him into tap dancing class. He loved it so much he never stopped dancing!

He became a certified ballroom instructor and taught ballroom for a number of years until one day about 15 years ago when his love for West Coast Swing (WCS) took all his focus and energy and that is where his love for teaching now lies.

Angei Kostoff started dancing and competing in the country circuit in 1996 and then in 2007 turned all her focus to WCS.

Soleman and Angei met in 2010 on the dance floor and have been dancing, competing and teaching together ever since!

They moved to Bremerton, WA from Chicago 6 years ago and have taken the very small WCS scene on the Kitsap Peninsula and helped it flourish!

They have a weekly WCS lesson & dance called West Coast Wednesday’s at McClouds Bar & Grill in Bremerton, WA and can be found teaching for USA Dance Kitsap Chapter, Seattle Swing Dance Club & other dance studios and dance events in the PNW as well as across the country! While their workshops are full of technique, proper connection and fun variations they like to focus on the social dancing aspect of the dance. Their #1 rule is “You must always have fun!”