• MARCH 29-APRIL 1, 2018

Private Lesson Program

Upgrade your dancing. Book a private lesson now!

At Easter Swing you can take a private lesson with one of the amazing professionals who are on staff or attending the event. And if you need help contacting an instructor or finding the right professional for your needs we are here to help.

Benefits of the Private Lesson Program

  • Lesson taught on a dance floor, not in the hall on carpet.
  • No feelings of being put on display or distracted by those walking by.
  • You can schedule your lesson(s) before Easter Swing starts.
  • You can work with the desk to find the right instructor for your needs.
  • No need to approach an instructor you don’t know to request time. Let us introduce you!

Book a Private Lesson

Please contact the Private Lesson Desk Coordinator, Amanda Flores at privatelessons@easterswing.org for assistance with private lessons.

Non-Staff Instructors: If you are attending Easter Swing and would like to be added to the list of available instructors, please see information here